The Unique Tale of Cece Several years ago, Cece's uniqueness caught the eye of Karen Oganian, a talented photographer from Northern Europe who was visiting us.
Initially, Karen was unsettled by Cece's constant, watchful gaze through the window, to the point where he moved his dining table to avoid her piercing yellow eyes. Their standoff didn’t last long. Within two days, Cece became Karen's muse. How she won him over remains a mystery, but Karen saw in her a beauty he wanted to share with the world.

He endlessly photographed her, and she responded with graceful dances, gentle paw movements, and affectionate purrs, never flinching from the camera’s flash. Jealous of his attention to other cats, she remained constantly by his side, teaching him the language of cats, a language he quickly learned.

Cece and Karen developed a special bond, sharing a unique understanding. One day, Cece vanished for three days. Karen, surprisingly calm, assured us he knew where she was—she had gone to find a suitable mate. Sure enough, Cece was spotted with a wild Bokelian cat near the old bridge.

Three days later, she returned, but Karen had to leave. Two months later, Cece gave birth to Audrey, a beautiful, wild, and passionate kitten destined to have the most beautiful offspring in Catland. Cece struggled with Karen’s departure, waiting for him at the parking lot for a long time. A year later, when she finally saw him again, she initially rushed into his arms but quickly remembered his abandonment and distanced herself, proudly pretending not to notice him during his stay.

Cece now greets and bids farewell to all new guests at the parking lot. She has made peace with Nona, her former rival, and the once fierce queens now coexist peacefully. Yet, their royal habits remain; neither eats with the other cats, waiting instead for separate meals.Cece shares a special bond with Victoria Maximova, the mother of all Catland animals. Victoria, fluent in the language of animals, understands the vastness of Cece’s consciousness, which seems just as expansive as that of a human, if not more so.

Help Support CeceCece’s remarkable journey and her dedication to her human and feline family are a testament to her unique spirit.
Your donations can help ensure that Cece continues to live a happy, healthy life, surrounded by love and care. Support Cece and her extraordinary life at Catland with your generous contributions.