Greetings from Montenegro!
We create a unique place where the wild Bokel forest cats create offspring with domesticated cats in the native habitat. These are very beautiful wild cats, a bit like the Norwegian, but completely unique - we manage to partially tame their offspring, but some of them remain wild and live in a place that we call the Catland.
The Catland is surrounded by woods and mountains and has a beautiful view of Boka Kotor Bay. Also, it has an infrastructure that is comfortable for both humans and cats.
It's worth pointing out that all cats are completely free and spend most of their time out in the wild. However, we have created a multistory house that could serve them as a shelter in case of bad weather or dangerous forest habitats.
All cats are living in the territory of the residence have passed veterinary control and have passports. They are fed twice a day and have constant access to clean water.
Inside this cat family, there are leaders, schemers, seductresses, travelers, children, hunters, and just cute creatures.)
We have a lot of stories and legends that we can tell, and now we are ready to make short videos about the adventures of the most outstanding heroes of our "pride" - we decided to create a channel where you can follow our heroes, and also you will be able to see what is going on in the Catland in the live mode.
To implement this idea, we need the appropriate equipment. It includes about 20 high-resolution cameras, lighting, computers for video editing, monitors, drives, uninterruptible power supplies, and much moreā€¦
Morinjska b.b. Kotor, Montenegro