Odry was born from the platonic love Cece had for humans and her physical love for a wild Bokelian cat. This unique mix of emotions, feelings, and genetics created this feline beauty. The wild Bokelian cat is a truly wild and free-spirited creature. Local residents say its fat has medicinal properties for kidney diseases, which might explain why these cats avoid humans.

However, this wild animal sometimes visits us voluntarily for a cat dinner, sensing it is safe here. Despite the common belief that wild cats cannot be tamed, Cece managed to form a unique bond with one. Their brief, passionate romance resulted in Cece’s pregnancy.

During a period of intense conflict with Nona, who was overly aggressive toward Cece's offspring, Cece gave birth in the forest to protect her kittens. She fed them by ingeniously procuring food from the kitchen and restaurant, despite Nona's threats. Cece’s dedication left her emaciated, but she ensured her kittens grew strong and independent.

Odry and her sister, initially wild, eventually followed their mother back. Despite Nona's attempts to dominate them, they learned to defend themselves. Humans, however, remained a greater fear. It was Alexandra Glukhova, fluent in the language of cats, who tamed Odry. Surprisingly, Odry turned out to be extremely affectionate, constantly dancing, singing, and seeking human attention.

Odry gave birth to the most beautiful cats in Catland. Her sons were so stunning that Andy Horn and Ruslana Chaplina adopted them. Odry's mother, Cece, is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement, having been sterilized and regained her youthful sheen. Despite the heated lamps in their cat houses, the cats still need to bulk up for the winter. Cece, however, prefers to stay alone, loving only humans.Help Support Odry

Odry's journey from the wild to a loving mother is nothing short of extraordinary. Your donations can help ensure that Odry and her family continue to receive the care and love they deserve.
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