Montenegro and broader
Trip 1
Black Lake
Montenegro north: Durmitor National Park, Žabljak, Black lake.
Full day trip
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• walk to the lake through the wonderful National Park Durmitor
• picnic on the shore
• walk around the lake
• lunch at the national restaurant
• horse-riding
• bike rental
• boat ride (around 8e/h)
• kayaking (around 6e/h)
• hiking (possibly Bobotov Kuk - the
tallest peak in Montenegro, 2 523m)
• rent of the four-wheelers

Trip 2
The most southern place in Montenegro: kilometers long sandy beaches, open sea, eastern style old town and much more.
Full day trip
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• sandy beach
• lunch at the fish restaurant on the river Bojana
• walk around the old town
• sunset on the shore & picnic
• kitesurfing
• windsurfing
• nude beaches
• Ada Bojana - nudist island
• boat ride
• rent of the sup board
• party on the beach
• yoga

Trip 3
Tivat & Plavi Horizonti
Tivat - a beautiful marina town, packed with cozy hipster-style cafes and bars & Plavi Horizonti - a lagoon-shaped sandy beach surrounded with pine forests, with a pathway leading to the breathtaking rocky shore.
Full-day trip
*may be split in 2 half-day trips
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• beach (Plavi Horizonti) & picnic
• walk to the rocky shore, photo session or yoga are possible
• arrival to Tivat, walk around the town
• visits to the coffee shops or bars
• sup board rental
• bike rental (for the seaside&forest, or in-town)
• yoga
• natural sorbets
•visit of the monasteries
• party
Trip 4
Lovćen & Cetinje
While it opens grippingly beautiful views over the Bay, a zig-zag road leads to the Mausoleum of Njegoš, a stunning place on the mountain Lovćen, from which all the tops are seen. The royal capital - Cetinje, settled in the heels keeps its charm for centuries.
Full-day trip
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• driving along the unique zig-zag road up the Lovćen mountain
• walk to the Njegoš's Mausoleum, admiring the view over the hills
• arrival to Cetinje, visiting the national gallery, contemporary art museum, Cetinje monastery (optional)
• Dinner at the national restaurant
•Wandering around the ancient streets, cozy cafes, authentic houses
• zip line (on the way to Lovćen)
•bike rental
•Visit to the art academy
•Visit to the national park:
-bike rental
-adventure park

Trip 5
Vrmac & Goražda fort
Two abandoned forts on the top of a mountain that divides two towns - Kotor and Tivat. On the top, you can enjoy a spectacular view over both of them, or have a walk in the pine forest.
Half-day trip
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• walk around the Goražda fortress, admiring the view
• arrival to Vrmac (15 min from Goražda)
• walk around the abandoned village, the fortress and the beautiful forest
• Picnic & fire (bbq possible) on the hill with a view over Kotor
• bike rental
• four-wheeler rental
• paintball (8 people minimum)
•jeep rental
• hiking

Trip 6
The magical old town of Kotor, the reason for most tourists to visit Montenegro. A place where history meets the nature, and they unite in the new, superb beauty.
Half-day trip
Optionally included in 'all-included' pack
• a guide
• abandoned factory
• shopping centre
• visit of the cathedral
•organic, homemade food street market (only in the mornings)
• walk around the town
• walk the city walls
• climb the mountain via the Kotor wall & enjoy the marvelous view over the town (optional)
• check out cafes & bars in the tiny tangled streets
•visit the cathedral and the musical school (optional)
Check out our favorite beaches
Morinjska b.b. Kotor, Montenegro